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“Broken Horror Rave” Martin Poison

“1993/1994 styled breakbeat hardcore and jungle underpinned by a D.I.Y. punk, cut & paste aesthetic which will be a surefire hit with anyone who loves their music hard-hitting and sampleadelic” strictlynuskool.blogspot.com

Founded in 1998 by James Lainchbury (End of Man/Manaia Toa), Brendan Southwell (Hakaider) and Kris Skeet in Auckland, New Zealand. A split CDR was the first release on the label in 1999 and heralded the birth of an emerging wave of truly dark and distorted Jungle/Drum and Bass from these neither regions of planet earth. A handful of live performances and solo CDR’s from both Hakaider and End Of Man/Life Means Nothing in 2000, plus a split CDR and 10” polyvinyl press from Haikaider/Audio Slut (Shaun Collins) rounded out HEADWOUND RECORDINGZ catalog until recent years.

Rebooted in 2018 by Manaia Toa for original vinyl only releases which hark back to the mid 90’s and memories of seminal German Hardcore/Jungle Labels DHR and Position Chrome played in smoke drenched concrete warehouses on a hideously distorted and battle worn ghettoblaster. HEADWOUND RECORDINGZ is back in full E F F E C T and has PLENTY more darkness planned for the future.

New emerging and established artists are being added to the roster so watch this space for news of impending DOOM!

Current Releases

HWR 1201 - True Force ep

Hideously Crafted Dark Distorted and Demented beats and bass from Aotearoa's premier Noise and Death Junglist... Manaia Toa. True Force and Dredd Tune have been blazing up the internet radio and underground festival circuit for some months now and finally are here for all. Intercut with random acts of violence, hilarity and pan pipes, this is an ep NOT TO BE MISSED!

Limited Press of 150. Vinyl Only Release. GET IT NOW!

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HWR 1202 - Dredd Relick / Rainbow Tune

ABSTRACT DRUMZ absolutely DESTROYS Manaia Toa's "Dredd Tune" with his "Injection of FIlth" Relick. Tune of 2019 for sure! MANAIA TOA plunges us back into the early 90's with his uber hardcore hit "Rainbow Tune".....You are naughty Zippy! YES I KNOW! hehehehehehrhrhrrhrhrhrhh. Finally "Higher" rounds off the hell bound disc with tearing Amens, Acen samples, Gregorian Chants and HUUUGGGGEEEEE SSSTTTTAAABBBSSS!!

Limited Press of 200 vinyl only release.

Available for purchase here!

Forthcoming Releases

HWR 1203 - Cylon Tune / Sparkin’ MAdizm

Manaia Toa revisits doom laden teen memories of the 80’s and revives the oppressive power of the Mighty Cylon Empire and it’s crushing will to eliminate all of mankind from the known universe. Stampeding Hardcore drums, hideous horror show basses, foul vocal samples and the most disgusting of Amens come together in this ode to the darker elements of Battlestar Galactica OG! There can be NO survivors!
“Sparkin’ Madizm” hits deeper into Tech Step territory, mixing Channel Live and KRS ONE’s seminal 1995 hit with intercutting 2 Step and smashing Amen patterns, crunching dreamlike Intalex Vox, all riding over huge uplifting resse bass.
“Bring Tha Noize” does exactly that….2mins 30 seconds in and the world ends.

Limited press of 200 vinyl only release. Expected Sept/Oct 2019

HWR 1204 - Four the wrong way ep

4 track ep showcasing emerging and existing talent from deep within the Darkside Realm. Expect the WORST from Breakbeat Scientist, Atlas & K Super, Programs in Memory and ONE MORE SPECIAL GUEST to be announced soon!

Limited press of 200 vinyl only release. Expected early 2020

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